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  • Do you only service customers in Phoenix, Arizona?"
    No, we service customers all over the US, but we are based in Phoenix.
  • Why do you run the projects in iterations?
    We are very aware that making too many changes at once can cause confusion and counter-productivity, which is why we only work on a limited number of improvement areas at a time.
  • What size clients do you work with?
    We work with clients of almost all sizes, but find that especially the Simplification services are best suited for Medium to Large clients. Small businesses will typically benefit most from our Coaching or Process Optimization Services.
  • Do you only take on full projects?
    We always look at the individual client’s needs, so that we can tailor our services to the needs and not the other way around. If the client has already identified certain areas of improvement, we can focus solely on those or we can start with the big picture and address issues across the whole organization. It all depends on the need of the client.
  • Do you force the Clients into long-term contracts?
    No, certainly not! We do not believe in locking a client into a long-term contract. Needs change over time and we want our Clients to be able to react to different opportunities as they arise. Our vision is to bring value to the Client and we feel that locking a client into a long-term contract does not bring value to the client.
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