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ITSM Specific Services

We deliver services within all aspects of ITSM, based on ITIL® best practice, from Coaching Services to Businesses considering an ITIL implementation to full blown implementation projects.

Below we have outlined our services, but common for all of them are that we adhere to the overall principles of ITIL best practice


Our certified ITIL consultants have many years’ experience helping clients implement ITIL and utilize ITIL best practices to streamline and add value to their IT platforms.

Your organization will probably have slightly different needs than our previous clients and this is where you see one of our strengths. Our highly skilled consultants do not go in and implement a ‘one size fits all’ framework. They start each project by determining which parts of ITIL are most suitable and will bring most value to your organization. With our professional guidance and workshops, we help making the ITIL implementation work for you, not against you.


Just as with our other Coaching Services, ITIL Coaching is a tool you can utilize to help get on track and stay on track.
Sometimes all it takes is a person to bounce ideas off.

Interim Management

When an organization start an ITSM Project, it often results in the creation or re-structuring of roles and responsibilities along the way, putting an extra strain on managers and employees alike.

​These new or re-structured roles and responsibilities, can be difficult for your employees and managers to absorb without guidance and support.

Our Interim Management Service is aimed at providing you with the short term leadership and manpower that your organization needs to overcome this challenge.

Leading by example is the best way to alleviate the ‘teething problems’ in getting used to the new ways of doing things and our specialists will step in and act as role models and enable your staff and managers to better absorb the changes.

Pro tem professionals

This service is aimed at clients that already have an ITIL Framework in place and have an urgent need for a temporary ITIL professional.

Situations where ITIL professionals are needed on a very short notice could be when a key ITIL employee hands in his or her resignation. In that instance, it is very important to perform a knowledge handover before the employee leaves. In most cases, the company cannot find and hire a replacement before the employee leaves, but if you can get an ITIL professional with 1-2 days’ notice that the employee can transfer the knowledge to and who can fill the position until the replacement is hired, you have saved a lot of time and effort.

This service can of course also be used when you have key personnel on vacation. Sometimes, instead of shuffling the responsibility and tasks to other employees, it might make more sense to temporarily hire an ITIL professional to fill in.
Our ITIL professionals are used to filling temporary positions and perform handovers.

The contingent hire can be part time or full time, it all depends on your needs.

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